The Apartments

The building situated at 19, Rua do Facho displays 4 apartments carefully renovated. The restored furnishings and the old pieces that have been reutilised have enabled an environment that transports us to the past, despite a modern aesthetic and the offering of all the comforts for a pleasurable stay.


About The Experience

An ample sensorial experience is suggested through soft sheets, warm and welcoming spaces in the winter and cool in the summer, and a surprising aesthetic allied to a coherent olfactory experience gently present around the apartment.




The Fragrances

The suggested aromas can be soothing or refreshing, some displaying a strong cosmopolitan character. With this offering, we aim to give our clients a stay with sensorial experience as far-reaching as possible.


About The Space

The objective of this project was defined by envisaging differentiated local housing spaces, for a public that enjoys comfort but also through innovative elements that may create sophistication, surprise or mystery in the experience it offers.



Óbidos offer splendid spaces to visit and a broad range of activities to explore: beaches, cultural outings, water sports, nature walks and even relaxing picturesque little corners.


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